Saturday, February 6, 2010

Round Two on the Way!!!

So after a hectic morning reporting in the Northern Miami Valley, where I could without getting a ticket, it looks like we could be dealing with more problems in the coming days.

Early Tuesday morning we will see another system arrive to the area before the morning rush hour.  Models are hinting at several inches, but less than what we saw with this system that just passed.  Temps will be close to the freezing mark again so I am going to wait tomorrow before releasing any estimated totals to see if we will be seeing all snow, or possibly some icing for some of the Miami Valley.  The big problem will be the winds Wednesday into early Thursday.  Sustained winds of 20-30 mph with gusts over 30 will be expected, and with the current snow already forming drifts, Tuesday and Wednesday's snow will now have to fill in any of the cracks or crevasses and will be fair game to "drift away."

Thanks to everyone for all the comments on the blog the last few days with snow totals, conditions, as well as photos.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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