Saturday, February 6, 2010

I got stuck...

That's right! I am out reporting and actually in Covington currently.  I was coming from Troy to Covington on St Rt 41.  I came up to a tow truck in the ditch and a box truck in the ditch.  One lane was recently plowed, but was drifting shut very rapidly.  But anyways, coming up to it, I tried to go around one of the trucks, but it turns out what looked like the road was the ditch..... Then after a while I found out two snow plows were stuck as well about a hundred feet up and everyone was in super deep..... I surveyed the area and figured if I could rock myself out of the ditch and into the cornfield, the snow would drop from 18 inches to about 3.  So I got out of the truck and on my hands and knees in the drifted snow, dug out each tire til I had about 2 feet of grass or pavement.  It took some time and patience, but after about close to 100 rocks of the truck, I finally got into the field.  There was no way that I would be able to cross the ditch to get back to the road to try to pull anyone out and it was already starting to drift back shut about 12 to 18 inches high, which is even un-doable for my Silverado.  So I drove through the field and got to a farm and shot through a snow drift to get back to the road....  There wasn't anything I could have done to help the others get out of the snow, I would have gotten myself stuck in the process in the drifted snow, and these guys were in DEEP, so I pressed on down 41, had to drive though a few drifts over a foot high.  You really couldn't see them either, visibilities are down to less than 100 feet and by the time you get to the drift, you hold on and hope its not a long drift....  Anyways, currently camped in Covington because the Covington Police just told me that almost all roads in and out of town are impassable and even with 4 wheel drive they would just wait a little bit.

Andrew Buck Michael

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