Friday, February 19, 2010

Taking a Northern Route

Well as I mentioned a few entries ago, these clippers normally pull more north than the models originally show 6 or 7 days out.... The models have settled down a little, with the track of the low going through the northern Miami Valley, and according to the most recent data we may be seeing some icing.  Right now we could see a brief snow shower or two before switching back over to rain Sunday night.  With the snow on the ground though the temperatures near the surface could linger below freezing while the temperatures slightly above the surface will be warmer and support liquid rain.... That means freezing rain/rain could be a problem.  To better understand the difference take a look at the blog entry on here from 12/03/09, which is complete with diagrams.  The temperatures on Monday should get above freezing during the day and this will help melt the ice that may fall.
Again, the track of the system is still a little uncertain and if the track changes at all, I will be back on here to help pinpoint its new track and what kind of precip will be falling with that track. 

Andrew Buck Michael

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