Sunday, February 7, 2010

Forecasted snowfall totals for "Round Two"

Polish the blades on your snow shovels, and get the snow blower repaired!

The next system has even more moving parts with it... I will cut to the chase and tell you I am calling for 6-10" as of right now.  We will be seeing an enhanced snowfall with a LOT of upper level energy Tuesday PM through Wednesday.  There may be a slight icing for the southern counties Tuesday PM cutting down on their snowfall totals.  This is a very interesting system and the enhanced snowfall will be the deciding factor whether we end up closer to the 6" or the 10".

IMPORTANT!!! With all of the snow we have seen, we have filled in all the "holes" and open spots, so drifting will be a big problem as winds pick up Tuesday night into Wednesday night.  Winds are still expected to be between 20-30 mph.  We could be seeing drifts that may be larger than we have seen in a long, LONG time.  I will be updating this more as the storm approaches.

Andrew Buck Michael

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