Friday, February 26, 2010

Slippery Morning, More To Follow

Well it looks like a lot of the Miami Valley seemed a little over confident with the snow, or as Seth Bauguess would say, Snow-ver-confident.  Lots of accidents the last 48 hours, and weather is part of the problem, the main part is that we have see the 5+ inch storms and people think that the 1-2" is nothing.  However, with the 1-2" and warm pavement, we get a lot of black ice when night falls and people can't see it and need to use extra caution.... more caution than when we had the 5+" of snow on the roads....

So a look at the forecast..... Strong winds will persist through the next 24-36 hours so blowing and drifting snow will continue to cause problems.  The Noreaster that is pounding the East Coast will have some moisture push back towards the Miami Valley.  The northeastern part of the area will see the most moisture, maybe 2-4", and the farther South and West you travel, lower accumulations can be expected, 1-3".  This is all through midday on Saturday.  We still stand to see light snow and flurries through late Saturday and Sunday, but it will continue to lighten up and new accumulations will be at or less than an inch. 

Another storm system looks to hug the Appalachian Mountains next Monday and Tuesday.  Right now we stand to see just a couple of inches, but if the track of the storm changes, we could see another sizable snowfall.  I will keep you posted.  Travel safe and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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