Thursday, February 11, 2010

Catching some rest....

Well, after about three days of getting less than three hours of sleep at a time, here and there, it finally feels great to get a 4 hour nap..... normally my "weekend" is Monday and Tuesday, but this winter storm had other plans. 

It appears we will continue to entertain the thought of a light dusting/flurries for Saturday, then Sunday night into Monday a clipper system will swing down, pretty far South, from Canada, and the southern part of the area could see a couple of inches, while the farther North you go, the less you will see..  Tuesday we all will see a chance for an inch or so, but nothing major in our near future to compare to what we have already seen.  Winds very light the next several days and picking up to 10-15 mph Monday PM-Wednesday AM.... so the winds lighter than what we have already seen as well.  So that is all good news.... the bad news: it doesn't look like we will be above freezing for quite a while, at least a week if not longer.  Hope you like the snow, cuz it isn't going anywhere anytime soon.... the good news, if we all lose power at least we got snow to boil for water... haha, have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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