Monday, February 8, 2010

Breakdown of the upcoming storm

So here is how everything is looking....

From the looks at the latest models, by tomorrow morning's commute, we could see about an inch or so on the ground, especially in the western counties, and the snow will pick-up through the morning hours.  The snow will remain pretty constant and moderate through the afternoon and by about 7 PM we will have an additional 4-6 inches of new snow.  As we go through the day we will warm temperatures into the lower 30's and the southern Miami Valley could see a little icing, which will cut their snowfall totals back a bit.  The winds through the day tomorrow will be about 8-15 mph starting in the East, then to the North shortly, then back to the West.  When the winds switch to the West, Tuesday early evening, that is when they will start picking up. 

By Tuesday night and into Wednesday winds are expected to be about 20-30 mph at times, and gusts close to 40 mph all coming out of the WNW.  Tuesday night into Wednesday we have a strong upper level disturbance that will help enhance the moisture in the air (snow) and we could easily see another 2-4 inches.

By the time things start wrapping up and calming down a little late Wednesday night we could see about an additional total of 6-10+ inches from this system.  Most of the area will be in this range but the "+" will be for some spots that may see a little more snow with the enhanced upper level energy helping with their snowfall totals on Tuesday PM and Wednesday. 

This on top of the snow we already have will cause a lot of drifting problems with the strong winds.  Honestly, if I were you, don't even worry about shoveling or snow blowing the driveway, unless it is absolutely necessary, until later Wednesday..... the snow is going to drift it right back shut in a VERY short time.

Just so you know we are planning on having extended coverage, especially in the mornings the next few days, so keep it tuned to ABC 22 or FOX 45 for all the latest.  I will be out doing more field reporting in the Northern Miami Valley, so I may be "Where You Live"  I crack myself up...   Until then, stock up on hot cocoa and soup, some of us might be stuck inside again for a day or two.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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