Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter Blues... Football is over

Well now that the Superbowl is over.... it seems like all great sports are ending, but then I forgot about Curling in the Olympics.... which will be enough of a distraction until March Madness rolls around....  I just hate it when football is over....

The forecast actually is calling for a decent amount of snow for part of the area.... well, kinda.  The storm system I mentioned swinging by the southern part of the Miami Valley has warranted a Winter Storm Watch for Sunday night thru Monday night for Butler, Warren, and Clinton Counties.  The FAR southern and southeastern parts of the area could see about 3-5", and as you travel to the North, it will cut back pretty fast.  Dayton may only see about 1-2", and North of I-70 will see around an inch or so by Tuesday morning.  We do stand to see a few lake effect snow showers for the middle part of the week, and most of that will stay to the northern parts of the Miami Valley, and will be slowly dropping a light accumulation.  The far North could see about a total of 1-2" for Tuesday through Thursday, so not much compared to what we already are seeing.  Still looking cold for quite a while, so snow isn't going anywhere.

ALSO!!!  We finally got approval from the Canadian version of our FCC, and we now have quadrupled our digital signal strength, which will help some people that are farther away from the Dayton Metro area.  So if you had problems getting us on a TV that isn't connected to cable, like the kitchen or some of the bedrooms, you should be able to get us now, just make sure to rescan your channels.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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