Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This weekend looking like a Winter Wonderland

So things are looking better for more snow for us coming up Friday late afternoon through Sunday, with the heaviest of the snow overnight Friday night.  The track of the storm will still be staying to our south, but not looking quite as far south as the "gutter balls" that yesterday's models had.  With the track of the storm staying south, the southern half of the Miami Valley could be be seeing about 6" or more according to the most recent models.  The snow will slowly taper off the farther North you go. The northern part of the Miami Valley could still see up to 5" according to the recent models.  The best thing is that the two of the "beefiest" models or the ones that have the most up-to-date weather data added to them are the ones that are showing more of a northern track... still keeping the rain out of our hair and showing it all snow.... It is still too early to start talking exact numbers, but I hope to start getting more into that tomorrow as long as the models keep their consistency. 

Andrew Buck Michael

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