Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quiet Week ahead...

Checking back in after a short break.... My home computer had some problem and had to wipe it clean and start fresh...  Three virus scans found nothing and still a little perplexed by it all, but at least it is running like new now...

It looks like the next week or so will be pretty quiet.  We could pick up an inch or so Wednesday night with a week disturbance, and some light lake effect snow through the end of the week, but no major storm systems on the way for a while.  We will, however, remain pretty chilly with high temperatures below or near freezing for the next week.

The rain the last few days was a welcome site, I love the snow but the tease of spring with rain was a welcoming feeling.  I am excited for spring to arrive along with severe weather season.  I am also looking forward to starting the garden.  I hope to have a lot of great vegetables and make some super spicy salsa when everything ripens up.  If it isn't hot, it isn't great, haha.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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