Sunday, February 14, 2010

Breakdown for the coming snow....

So here is the synopsis.... This is a clipper system that swings from western Canada and swings south towards the great lakes then pulls back northward quickly after its dip..... Now with about 95% of these systems the models show it diving deeper south than its actual track.  The system has had the majority of the snow and the low tracking over the Cincinnati area.  As expected the newer models are slowly pulling it slightly more North as its arrival nears.  With that said here are my thoughts on snow fall totals....

I believe that the heaviest of the precip will be falling over the central and southern parts of the Miami Valley, basically along or near the I 70 corridor.  This region will see about 4-8+" of snow by early Tuesday morning....  The "+" is again for the isolated spots that will see more than the 8 inches.  The far North and the far South will see slightly less. 

On Tuesday we stand to see about another 1-2" due to remaining snow showers and a decent fetch, or wind blowing off of Lake Michigan, as lake effect snow.  A few flurries for Wednesday and Thursday, but shouldn't be amounting to a whole lot....

Grab our breathes on Friday, then another system is in the making for Saturday....   Yesterday I was wondering if people would get more upset with me if I lied and said it was going to be 70 this week and sunny, or tell the truth and say its going to be below freezing and snowy.... what do you think? 

Andrew Buck Michael

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