Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sidney Storm Blues

So the farther north you go, such as Sidney, and northward, still are not part of the Winter Storm Watch..... A little sad up here for me because according to the National Weather Service it's as if Sidney will be missing a lot of the action, although they still will see a sizable snow.

So here is the breakdown, Highway 35 and south look to start off as a rain/snow mix and could linger into the afternoon hours as well.  South of 35, I think the snowfall totals will be around 3-5", with a few spots getting up to 6".

Between Highway 35 and 36, there may be a brief period of the rain/snow during the morning or early afternoon hours, but expect this area to see about 4-7" of snow.  The longer the rain/snow and ice sticks around, the less snow once the system has passed.

Once you start heading farther north of 36, it should remain mostly all snow and the snowfall totals will taper off the farther north you go.  The north could still see the 4-7", but once you start getting closer to Highway 33, expect the snowfall totals to be closer to 3-5". 

So the heaviest looks to be through the central part of the Miami Valley. Keep in mind, if you happen to see heavier cells of snow, you may be on the higher end of the spectrum, or you may be on the lower end of the spectrum if you happen to see lighter cells.  If this changes, I will let you know, but that is the breakdown as of 10:30 AM. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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