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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Snow on the Way....

And you were thinking it was over.... haha....

Well to kind of recap before getting to the forecast.... I have been all over the place the last few days.... and here is my breakdown... finally got mail today, first time in 4 days.  Also a first today, its the first time our street was fully plowed here in Sidney(thumbs up).... While I was traveling around, I will say that for a small community, Covington has one of the best street crews out there.... Even with all of the mess I had to deal with on Saturday morning (which was worse than the recent days, in my opinion), Covington was on top of things and kept the streets clean and top notch.... Not that others didn't, but they barely let a flake hit the ground.  Also, people drive too fast.... there are some people, that if they started to fishtail, I have no doubt they would be in the ditch because they are flying on the roads....

But to get back to the forecast, we have another shot of snow in our near future...  We could see a few light lake effect snow showers in the next two or three days, but only expecting a dusting at best.... not expecting any accumulations.... BUT as we head into Sunday and Monday a clipper system will swing down from Canada.  Right now it will be lacking moisture, and should bring only a couple of inches, if that.... And on another good note, we will be seeing very light winds for the next several days....

HOWEVER!!  With the fresh snow-pack, and the skies clearing up a bit, as we head through the next several days, if we have clear skies at night, temperatures will plummet to near zero, if not below in some places, possibly seeing a little freezing fog if temperatures fall far enough.... Keep that in mind and make sure your vehicle is ready for cold temps.
Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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