Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Taking the weight out...

Hopefully for good...  So with winter weather is over for a while; I have started unloading the cinder blocks from the bed of my truck, who has put me through about 7000 miles of the worst winter weather here in Ohio.  I started taking the blocks out yesterday, but even after today, about 400 lbs of the blocks are still frozen solid.  They are the sole reason I did not get stuck in my truck this winter, I already took about 600+ lbs out, but still got the rest frozen, under a few inches of snow, in the back waiting to taken out.  Just give them a few days of sunshine, they will thaw out and be stacked away for the next big snow. 

Looks like, after a cold day today, temperatures will only be going up for here over the next week.  I plan on taking my truck for a wash soon (I got salt still caked to the inside and underneath of it).  But we got a slight chance for rain on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, but temperatures will remain on the "cool" side for a while.  Nothing pushing 70 for a long while, although I wish it would.  I can't wait for a good thunderstorm.....

Andrew Buck Michael

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