Sunday, March 21, 2010

Taking It For Granted

It is funny how when we are healthy and feeling 100% how we often forget about how lucky we are to be in that situation.  We go about our lives without a care in the world, although when are sick that isn't the case.  I don't know if anyone else is with me, but when I get sick or feel a little "under the weather" I often think about how when I was healthy a few days ago, I didn't think twice that it could be different.  With temperatures finally warming up and allergy season pounding on the door, I know a lot of people will soon wish we had a 18" of snow on the ground.  So before you feel like your head is in a vice, and your eyes feel like a bucket of sand has been poured into them(those are my normal reactions to spring), enjoy your health and don't take it for granted, just a thought....

Cloudy, cool, and rainy for Monday. Sunshine returning for the later part of Tuesday and sticking around for Wednesday.  Thursday another system looks to pass to our south and stay for part of Friday, a brief break on Saturday, before another system for the end of next weekend.

At least with the rain, hopefully it will keep the tree pollen down....  Have a good one!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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