Thursday, March 11, 2010

How about a side of Thunder?

Looks like we could see, or rather hear, our first rumbles of thunder tonight, or Friday night, not  lot but a few rumbles shouldn't be out of the question.... It will be refreshing to know that "severe" season will begin.  In Ohio you can never let your guard down.  Here is the Buck-cast: we should see showers tonight and then a dry spell for parts of Friday morning and afternoon, then more showers and storms Friday night into Saturday morning.  Then temperatures will be on the cooler side with highs in the 40's or low 50's.  A few light showers for Sunday, and then finally this nasty low pressure system, that has been giving us so much dreary weather, will move out to the east coast and we will get a break of dry, sunny weather for parts of next week.

With that being said, winter is never over here in Ohio as we all know, and we are still watching for a chance of snow in a week and a half.  Right now the timing looks to arrive on Sunday, the 21st, and accumulations do not look crippling, but it does look like a shovel-able amount right now... We just need to keep an eye on the track of the system to make sure things don't drastically change.  Hopefully you have been enjoying the warm temps and the dry spells we have seen lately. 

Andrew Buck Michael

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