Friday, March 12, 2010

Soggy Saturday Ahead and Golf Talk

Well it is late Friday night and I finally got to see lightning.... first bolts of 2010.  Most of the rain has lifted northward, but it looks like it will slowly shift back south and remain a pretty rainy Saturday and we have already seen plenty of rain.  We have seen so much actually that the earthworms have been flooded out of their holes and are now everywhere on the roads and sidewalks.  Had to watch where I was walking when I got home and took Buckeye outside for a short walk.  To bad not many fish are biting just yet, I would be out there with a bucket of dirt and collecting all of them, but instead I will be passing that opportunity.  Anyways, Saturday looks to be a washout for most of the day, then maybe a few light sprinkles Sunday and then sunshine trying to come back late Monday and for the majority of next week, before our next system arrives, possibly bringing snow.

On a side-note and related to spring, I have been debating very hard the last few months on my plans for golfing this spring and summer.  I have debated getting a membership here locally in Sidney, but it would cost about 600 at least.  Additionally, if I wanted to meet up with my friends and play, more than likely, they wouldn't want to come to "my" course every time since many of them live over 30 minutes away.  So I have decided against getting a membership and will just have to fork over the money when I want to go golfing instead of getting unlimited time on the links.  If anyone knows of any decent courses that are less than 600 let me know!  Seriously.

Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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