Friday, March 26, 2010

Big Warm-up On The Way, But Snow First?

We got what most Miami Valley citizens would hope to be the last blast of winter weather last night and this morning with snow causing icy conditions this morning for much of the area.  We are looking to really warm things up by later next week heading into the start of April, but before that, we could see more snow.  Sunday will be pretty wet with a lot of rain, but Sunday night temperatures look to get cold again and snow cannot ruled out. It appears that temperatures look to stay slightly warmer than what we say last night, but as temperatures fall near that freezing mark, more snow could be a possibility.

The models are only hinting at a dusting of snow, at best, as of right now, but I will be in the weather center this weekend keeping an eye on things, so keep checking back for updates on how things look to progress.  Have a good one, and enjoy a beautiful Saturday!

Andrew Buck Michael

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