Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Severe Weather Awareness Week

Just in case you were wondering, this morning at 9:50 the state tested its tornado sirens because this is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Ohio.  The best thing you can do to protect yourself against storms and prepare for them is buying a NOAA Weather Radio.  They are fairly inexpensive and if they could save your life, then they are well worth it.  Tornado sirens may be nice if you live a block away from them, or if you are outside, but they are still very hard to hear indoors.

It looks like more rain will move in for later Thursday and last overnight with a slight chance for a flake or two of snow, but then dry out for the rest of Friday.  Dry out for the start of the weekend, and more rain later Sunday into early Monday.  Basically just getting in the pattern for a while.... Taking a look out farther, it looks like we will into the 70's heading into the first few days of April.... and no I am not "fooling" either.  Have a good one and enjoy today before the clouds roll in!

Andrew Buck Michael

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