Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wet Weather Leaving, Sunshine Returning

Well after a very soggy and wet weekend, the clouds will finally give way to high pressure and sunshine.  The rivers across the Miami Valley have been close to the flood stage, but luckily they have stayed just shy of actually reaching it.  Hopefully with dry, sunny conditions this week will allow the ground recover.  It has been so over-saturated and most of the rain has been running off and downstream, but four solid days of sunshine and all the snow already melted, we should see the ground dry out nicely.

I hope to enjoy the nice weather, but I do have some a lot of obligations in the coming days... gotta work Monday because my schedule got changed a bit, and Tuesday I am getting new tires on my truck(not looking forward to forking over that money), stopping by my parents place in Darke Co, and then a guest on a talk show that night.  Then finally on Wednesday hopefully I will be able to enjoy the sunshine and then returning to work on Thursday, but hopefully getting enough free time and approval to head up to Shelby County Spotter Training on Thursday night.

Still gotta keep an eye on the system next weekend, we could be seeing snow on the tail end of the system later Sunday into next Monday. I will be updating the blog as we get closer to next weekend, until then have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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