Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How about Snow?

So it appears that we will see that chance for snow in the coming days, but not for a while.  We will see warm and sunny weather for the rest of the workweek, but more clouds for the weekend, and a chance for rain on Sunday.  If the temperatures drop as they are forecasted, we could see snow showers on the backside of the system later Sunday evening and into Monday morning.  The good news is that they system will be short-lived and right now it appears we will still remain above freezing in the afternoons next week so the snow will not be sticking around, if it accumulates at all.....the ground has warmed up considerably and thus a lot of the snow will melt once it reaches the earth.  We will have to wait until it gets closer to determine how much snow would actually accumulate, and if it does, how much it would..... but either way if it would stick, right now it is looking fairly light.  I will keep everyone posted, until then have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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