Wednesday, March 31, 2010

14 Consecutive Days of Work

That's right, today starts my marathon of work starts today.... I got 14 straight days of work, a nice sandwich if you will... 3 photog days for the top part of the bun, 9 days of weather for the meat and fixin's on the sandwich, then finishing off with 2 days as a photog for the bottom bun.... As we all know the meat and fixin's are the best part of a sandwich anyways, and same goes here, I LOVE doing the weather and the photog days will just be a little added flavoring to the sandwich and something to hold on too.... haha.... Oh I crack myself up....

So I mentioned the moped I was working on, I finally got it fired up today.... it has been many long and patient months, but it is such a great feeling taking a broken machine and getting the proper parts, which were numerous, and finally get it running again...  The main reason I wanted to finally get it put back together is the beautiful weather we are having.... 

Still looking at a lot of sunshine the next week with a weak disturbance late Saturday night with a tenth of an inch of rain, meaning a light shower or sprinkle.  Unseasonably warm for the next few days.  Our normal high for today is 57, I am writing this at 10:49 AM and the weather station outside here at home is reading 65.4, so we should EASILY hit 70 today if not warmer.  Maybe 80 tomorrow and Friday..... we will get close if not actually reach that mark.  Well I got to finish a load of laundry, load the dishwasher and head into work....  I guess you guys will be seeing a lot of me in the coming days, so have a good one (for me at least).... haha

Andrew Buck Michael

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