Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Velvet Underground, Mopeds, Hot Tea, & Laundry

Sounds like a great combination if you ask me.  I got my new matching headlight today.  I went out to see what the dual headlights would look like and I am digging it.  Not only will it allow me to add a switch for a high beam headlight for the back roads heading to and from work, but when the RMP's get too high for a single light bulb, it will knock down the voltage across one light and keep them from blowing.... come to think of it, I may just power them both constantly and just use the open hole on the dash for a kill switch.  Lot of options and with this weather, lot of time to decide.  So now I am back inside deciding what I want to do, drinking hot tea to suppress this cold I have had for nearly two weeks.  I have a little remedy that works wonders to make me feel I have been slamming my BuckTea throughout the morning listening to Velvet Underground.  I don't know where all the clothes come from between Dawn and I, but it seems like it was only a few days ago that we did laundry....however, I am doing a few more loads today.  I also shipped out a few moped parts today to PA for a guy who just got a Puch Newport.  I offered a little advice to him and hopefully I see him at a rally soon.

I also met up with my parents for some fresh eggs, milk, bulk hamburger, and butter all from their farm.  I met them on their way to Cincinnati and traded off coolers and my mother was pleased to see I brought back her gallon glass jars.  She hates it when I come empty-handed.  Well to be honest, it was Buckeye and I...he loves to ride along in my truck and rather than putting him in the bedroom while I was out, I brought him along.  We also stopped by Abraham Lincoln's house to drop off a media file for him.  He wants to post the story I did on him, so when he does that, I will be sure to re-post it on here. On tap for the rest of the day: treadmill for about an hour, maybe a little moped work, and then dinner at Milano's to help out my cousins little league baseball team....20% of the meal is donated back to the kids for their team...pretty cool if you ask me.

As for this nasty weather that I am getting sick of... the light rain will continue on and off through the rest of the day into tomorrow as well with the chance for a little snow mixing in at times later Thursday.  I don't expect a lot of accumulation, but with temperatures falling overnight we could see a few slick spots.  We will have to wait until next Tuesday/Wednesday for the temps to get back into the 50's....until then, highs in the 30's and lows below freezing.  But as for the good news...the river has dropped just enough for my shortcut to work to dry up.  I was able to sneak through there coming back from Abe Lincoln's, but with nearly an inch of rain already, it may flood back over within a day or two...good thing today is my "Saturday".  Stay dry and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael


  1. I am in the process of getting the movie up on You Tube. Our road runner connection is slower than a turtle going down hill on a hot tin roof. I think after an hour it is about 75% done. Will post it as soon as it is done. Try it on Abraham Lincolns Blog first.

  2. I have the movie up. I was not able to include it in the comment. Will email it.


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