Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rare find

Every now and then there comes along a really rare item. Whether it be ancient artifacts or something like the “Heart of the Ocean” in the movie Titanic. Well someone uncovered a MINT Puch Magnum moped from a warehouse that used to be used as a showroom moped a few decades ago. This bike has only 23 miles on it and not a speck of rust or dirt. There are still four hours left on the bidding and it is up to $1400. I would never pay that much for a moped. Mine are normally closer to $100 or $200, but then again, I never get mine in great shape, I have to put some elbow grease in them. Is it worth that much money?!?! Obviously someone thinks so. I am interested in seeing how much money the auction ends at.

Today turned out fairly snowy. While most of the snow melted as soon as it hit the surface, it fell at times fast enough to leave a dusting in spots, only to melt again shortly later. This all is leaving the area and the next few days we will remain in the mid and upper forties. I think we may be hard pressed to break the 50 degree mark for the weekend. Later Friday and early Saturday another system will bring cooler air into the area and a chance at rain, maybe mixing with a little snow. Monday and Tuesday look especially wet with the potential for quite a soaking. The good news…. Still looks mild and partly cloudy for the Reds opening day tomorrow. Go Reds and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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