Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another Beautiful Day...

Despite being chilly again today, there were blue skies and plenty of sunshine. Dawn and I went to a birthday party for one of her cousins and it was quite funny to watch a three year old open up presents and say "Thank you." I don't know if it is my size or what, but little kids are scared of me... perhaps not when I have my day.

I am still cleaning out the rust in my moped gas tank. You can see in the picture that the vinegar/salt acidic mixture is slowly eating at the rust and grime inside the fuel tank. The picture is taken from where the fuel cap is located. It looks like most of the rust is gone, unless the acid turns it into that grime-looking-stuff. There seems to be places where the grime is thicker and chunkier and some of those are missing later... I assume just sinking to the bottom of the tank. I am not sure how many more days I am going to let it sit, but I am trying to think of good ways to get something in there to wipe down the inside walls... maybe some fabric and a wire coat hanger?!?! I will have to rinse it out well with baking soda to neutralize the acid... maybe when it bubbles (baking soda and vinegar) it will clean some of the grime out of there. I think I like using a mild acid like this more than stronger muriatic acid, which I used on my last two bikes. Muriatic acid can only sit in there for about 30 minutes or it will eat through the metal. At least this attacks the rust slowly and evenly.

Well the far south saw a little snow overnight and some places around the Ohio River had a couple inches. Temperatures will slowly warm up through the week with Wednesday the only day where we will see a dip on the thermometer. This is because another system will likely swing through later Tuesday into Wednesday with cooler air. Right now we are on the rain/snow line....maybe a little closer to the snow line. This could mean an accumulating snow for early Wednesday. I will keep you posted on the track of the storm in the coming days, but man.... I really want spring to arrive....despite my allergies being out of control. Forget it, I want summer because by then at least I can breathe. Anyway a few more systems will roll near the area Friday and Sunday, we are right on edge of each system. Well enjoy the coming sunshine and warmer temps and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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