Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back online

So much has happened since I have last checked in. I was told to take the day off Tuesday to save my hours for weather coverage for Wednesday and Thursday. So I ran a few errands and then that evening I went to the funeral for our News Director, Pat Casey. It was very sad, especially when his twelve year old son got up and read a note... all I remember was "My dad..." and then he and the entire mass broke down into tears. Such a very sad day, and he was right in his prime of life with three kids and loving every minute of life and, he loved his work. After that Dawn and I went out to dinner with one of the producers from work, Molly, and a friend of mine, Josh. I had not had anything to eat in about nine hours so I was starving.

Yesterday I worked on my Dayton Dragons prep story... a lot of work goes on before opening day and I have a lot of fun with the Dragons' mascot, Heater. You will need to make sure to catch that story. I then got an hour break at home before the storms started firing up. I chased one storm through Darke and Miami Counties that dropped hail larger than quarters. Hail was the main threat from the storms yesterday, despite the Tornado Watch. I then did a few LIVE shots on the storms and went home...only to get back up at 2AM for more LIVE shots on the bitterly cold temps that were ushered in and recap on the storms as well for the morning folks.

It looks like the cold weather is going to stick around for a while... Maybe a little accumulating snow as well Saturday night into Sunday morning. I will update you on that tomorrow... I know I will have time to jump back on because that is my day off...haha. Got to run...have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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