Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Switch, New Friend, New Desire to Ride Mopeds

Well after a lot of consideration, I decided to take the second headlight off of my Maxi. It just looked scooter-ish, and the output of light was nothing greater than the single headlight. I ordered a kill switch from Treats and installed it cleanly on the dash in the old hi-beam light switch hole. Very easy to do and worked great. Wes showed up this afternoon and we went over to Shawn's house to help him on his Tomos. Wes is a great guy, but lives on the north side of town so its hard for us to ride together in a group, unless it is a special occasion....luckily Shawn lives like two neighborhoods over. Anyway we went over to meet Shawn for the first time and help him get his bike running. The previous owner tore the bike apart. The spark plug hole was badly stripped out so I ran home to get an a3 head to throw onto the a35. It looks hilarious, but it held compression and that's what matters. Wes and I messed around with the wiring a little bit to finally get spark while Shawn worked on installing new handlebars. Shawn was waiting on his low 50's jets to arrive to run it, so I grabbed a 71 in my bag and tried it...just to get it to turn over, we knew it would foul the plug. We got it to fire up! Very exciting. I have rode through his neighborhood before and it will be much closer to get together to wrench and ride. I am excited to get another moped enthusiast on the road in Dayton. He even mentioned getting another moped in the near future...he said for his girlfriend, but we all know it is for him. Either way I am stoked.

I got home from that and I made dinner for Dawn and I as the repair man took a look at the furnace. I guess a sensor went bad and that is why the heat hasn't been running properly the last three days. We wake up with the house in the upper 50's...which isn't sooo bad, but when you jump out of the shower...it's downright chilly. He will be back tomorrow once the part arrives. We also put together the archway for the wedding and while doing so I got a call from work. I guess Jeff threw out his back and was told to take the rest of the night off so I came in to do the weather for the late shows. It works out great because it was either work tonight or work Thursday. Now I will get Thursday and Friday off.

This afternoon turned out really nice. A little sunshine, but at least the temps were mild. We still stand to see a few flurries overnight, mainly south of Dayton. Temperatures will remain in the 40's for highs for the rest of the week, but into the 50's for the weekend. We still have a slight chance for rain/snow Friday night, but a much better chance for rain later Sunday into Monday. The weather is looking GREAT for the Reds Opening Day on Thursday. Partly Cloudy with light winds and a high of 50. Go Reds and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. Well we got snow today, first time it didn't stick, second time this afternoon, we still have it on the fence post and some on the shrubs in the back. It was really coming down while I was waiting for the Granddaughter, between 2 and 2:30 this afternoon.

    Glad you have found some others that share your enthusiasm for mopeds.


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