Thursday, March 3, 2011

Register, Flooding

Despite feeling under the weather still, Dawn managed to get me to leave the house today.  It turns out that her boss is extremely sick as well, and since it is only her and him who run the company...she got the afternoon off.  We finished up our registry at Kohl's and Bed Bath and Beyond...then we got to do the "manly" stuff.  We went to Sears to get some of the things that we could use around the house, like a new grill, a few new tools, etc, etc.  It was a lot of fun, but I am happy to be finished with that for the wedding.  I also booked the "limo."  I say "limo" because in order to get our entire wedding party from point A to B, we need a bigger vehicle and ended up going with a "Party Bus."  Might not be quite as classy on the outside, but hey, plenty of head room inside!  I will be glad for that!

Tomorrow I will be heading to Columbus for the 15th annual Ohio State Severe Weather Symposium.  I remember when I put this on back in 2007 and how hectic this time was...the night before.  I have went for seven years now and always very pleased with the speakers and of course reconnecting with old friends and colleagues.

Tomorrow rain will arrive and last into the day on Saturday and we looked to get SOCKED.  We have already had such a problem with flooding this week already and we haven't dried out nearly enough yet.  We stand to easily pick up about 2" of rain with some locations picking up 3"+.  If you live in a flood prone area, be prepared for problems.  It is just a shame to see this a problem because you know it is coming, but all you can do is prepare to the best of your ability.  Stay dry and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael


  1. Sitting at my desk in my office where you were and am hearing the rain hit the skylight above my head. That is a good piece of plastic, as I got it way back in 1981 and it has gone through all kinds of storms. Anyway, I think we need this rain and hope much of it will soak in and eventually make its way to the underground river that flows through this general area. As it was very dry here in town last summer and that made it hard on the plants and animals.

  2. I would like to think the birds and I would get along... I like the rain long enough to splash in it, but when it is around too long, it keeps me inside too much. I agree, I hope a lot of it soaks in, but a lot of it is running south, too much too quick.


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