Monday, March 28, 2011

Tuesday Night's System Knows We Want Spring

The system is really taking the hint that we are sick of the snow for the year. The entire storm has shifted about 75 miles to the south, with the heavy snow band in north-central Kentucky. I think the Southern Miami Valley may see a flurry or two, but for the most part we will stay dry for the middle of the week. Fine with me. I am ready for warmer temperatures and even a few thunderstorms. Next few systems tend to take the same Southern path and we slowly will warm into the 50's for next weekend with a chance for rain next Sunday-Monday.

I might have told you about my Where You Live story on the Dayton Dragons... I worked on it today and it is AWESOME. If you want to see the true side of my creativity, this is it. Make sure to catch the story. After work, Dawn and I picked up a new couch and love seat.... well kinda. It used from a friend of the family. They decided that they needed a new couch because their old couch didn't look good because the brown leather turned tan where everyone had warn off the darker color. Great couches, just a little discolored, fine with Dawn and I. I couldn't sit on our old couch because it threw out my back. Despite two new huge pieces of furniture, we still made room for it and put the old couch in the treadmill room for guests to sleep on.

Enjoy a beautiful Tuesday and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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