Sunday, March 6, 2011

New App

The flooding has gotten worse.  Last night I knew I had to slightly re-route around the already flooded road.  Well West Carrollton street crews closed my re-routed road, but I thought I could take a detour around that and get to my usual bridge to cross the river... after taking the five minute detour I was turned around to head back.  Here is the thing.  I saw the street crew drive through the roadway they just closed and half of it was still pavement and above the water....  Well the road I was sent back on was still "open" but the river was up over three quarters of the pavement on one part.  I am glad I don't live that low because peoples driveways were becoming lost in the river.  Anyway, my normally 9 minute trip home turned into a 30 minute trip to finally get to a bridge that was open. The good news, today we didn't see any rain or snow, so at least we weren't adding to the problem.

I  downloaded a new app for my Android phone, OruxMaps.  I have been hunting for a program like this for a long time coming, to actually show elevation.  I started "tracking" my phone when I left the house and let it go until I got into work. I happen to live in a fairly hilly location and, as you can see in the picture, I got a steep grade to climb to get to work.  You may ask, who cares.... well when you are riding around on a one cylinder moped, you want to take a flat grade of roadway.  The steep hills are killer on a newly rebuilt engine.  I need to take it easy on the moped for a while, so I am trying to find a route to work that is quick and contains as few hills as possible.  While it was cool to see what the program did, I have to throw out the data because I drove way out of the way because of the flooded roads.

Most of the rivers have crested, or will overnight, so the water will slowly be going down over the next few days.  We will drop below freezing tonight so watch out for slick spots in the morning.  We will see plenty of sunshine to start the workweek, but rain still looks to arrive late Tuesday night and last into early Wednesday.  The rain only looks to be around 1".  Considering we just saw 2-4", anything is problematic, but at least it is much less than what we just saw. Partly cloudy and mild to finish off the workweek with only a slight chance for rain next weekend.  Well, time to get ready for the 10PM news.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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