Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

The Severe Weather Symposium was great yesterday up at Ohio State.  Walking back around campus is so nice.  I totally miss going to school there.  Even with the rain constantly pouring down and soaking everyone, it still made me smile just to be back on campus.  The speakers were great at the conference and the last two speakers were my favorite.  I love lightning so that discussion was awesome, but every time I hear Harold Brooks give a talk I am blown away.  He is a fantastic speaker and just a hoot because of his jokes that he makes up off the cuff.   A handful of my old college buddies met up afterward along with one of our favorite professor and it was great to catch up and see what was on everyone's plate.

Well as the title says, I am sure you would agree that this rain is getting a little old.  The back edge of the rain is about ready to push through and possibly a little snowfall overnight...with the ground being so wet I would be surprised if we even got a dusting.  Regardless temperatures will be cold enough that we may see a little icing on bridges so be careful.  I am still re-routed around the flooded road that runs alongside the Great Miami River and I can't wait until my shortcut is open again so I can get to work faster.  Within the last 36 hours much of the area has seen at least 2" of rain with locations in Darke, Mercer, Miami, and Shelby counties seeing between 3-4" of rain...not to mention their 3" of rain last Sunday, and their 2" of rain a few days before that. So within a week and a half some locations have seen OVER 9" of rain....that is insane.  While most of that is runoff, because the soil just can't take that much water, the farmers may have a pretty sloppy spring ahead of them.

The Miami River in Sidney is cresting tonight almost three feet above flood stage and the crest, or wave, if-you-will, of water will slowly ride down the river until it crests in the Southern Miami Valley sometime later Monday.  More rain is expected on Wednesday, but it does not look like nearly as much.  Temperatures will be above freezing every single day with overnight lows dropping below freezing, so watch out for a few slick spots.  Plenty of sun for later Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday...Rain on Wednesday...Then the return of sunshine for the end of the workweek. Stay dry and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael


  1. It's snowing here in Chicago

    enough already...I thought you guys had an "In" with the big weather guy....
    warm..I want warm

  2. I was flipping around channels last night (Sat.) trying to find something to watch, everyone else had gone to bed. Came to channel 3 (Time Warner's station) not sure what it is on regular TV, it's ABC, and there you were giving the weather. Of course I stopped and watched, until you said, here's Luke, then I started flipping channels again. LOL You clean up pretty good. Just joking, you looked nice the day you were here, but with a suit jacket, sweater vest and glasses you did look a little different. Yes, I'm ready for this rain to stop for a while and the temps to get a little warmer.

  3. Suz, we ended up getting light snow here last night, but it was all gone by morning...the ground is too warm.

    Patty, thanks! I try to look my very best on-air. The glasses and comb-over help with that as well. I started working on the story tonight, it should turn out airs tomorrow on ABC22 at 6PM and then several time Tuesday morning on both channels. I will be sure to be in touch with a copy.


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