Monday, March 7, 2011


I spent most of the day today working on my Where You Live story that airs tonight and tomorrow morning on Abraham Lincoln and his many blogs.  The story should turn out really good.  It is a little longer than normal and the producer cringed when I told her how long it was, but she didn't get to watch it yet and realize that it all is very important for the story.  Hopefully you can catch it.

I also am still slamming my hot tea.  I think I am becoming accustomed to it.  Dawn claims that I am becoming addicted, but I dunno about that.  It was pretty cold outside today and so many people are still sick at work that I feel it is good to get my antioxidants. 

Still looking like about an inch or rain on Wednesday so flood warnings will be likely again... I just want the rivers to drop enough so I can cut my drive home by half again and I can take the shortcut along the river... give it time.  I have Wednesday and Thursday off this week... the two worst days of the week with rain and then the chance for light snow and cold conditions Thursday.  I will be back in doing the weather Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night.  Time to go, have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael


  1. I saw it yesterday and thought you did a masterful job composing it from all you had to work with. I am getting feedback from friends and relatives who also thought it was good. I will look forward to getting the video. Patty tells me we will be at my heart doctor around 11:15 AM so you can put the video in the mail box if you come and we are not home. We will leave here to get there around 10:30 AM.

  2. No problem Abe, I will swing by before you guys leave. Glad you liked it. I remember what you said about the last few times you were interviewed and so I had to prove myself. Haha. See ya tomorrow!


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