Thursday, March 31, 2011

Moped Tank, Reds Opener, Severe Weather

It is amazing what vinegar and salt can do. I finally took out the vinegar/salt acidic solution out of the moped gas tank and as you can see it ate away at the rust and grime right out of there. I made sure to neutralize the acid with baking soda and plenty of soap and water before a little rinse of gasoline.... and now as good as new. I liked taking my time with this one. Now I just have to wait for new tires to get it out on the road so others can ride with me.

I made sure to get done wrenching in time to head back inside to watch the Reds Opener. It was a little disappointing to have the first batter up from the Brewers knock one over the yellow line for a home run. The good news is that the story didn't end that way. Dawn got home in time to watch the bottom of the ninth with me and watched Hernandez hit a walk off home run. What a way to start the season! Come back kids! I love it!

Temperatures staying in the mid and upper 40's for the next few days for highs, and a slight chance for rain late Friday into early Saturday. It does not look like a lot of rain, but Monday into Tuesday we will see a much better chance for rain and much warmer temperatures. As a matter of fact we may see a decent shot for severe weather on Monday. The atmosphere may be setting up just right for strong winds, large hail, and even a few tornadic storms. I will keep a closer eye on things, but make sure to watch out for dangerous weather on Monday. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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