Thursday, March 10, 2011

Horrible Sleep, Mopeds, Dreary Weather

The last week I have been getting horrible sleep.  I wake up remembering I had a really weird dream, but can't remember it.  Every night the dream seemed to progress and I couldn't remember any details other than waking up worried and not a great night of sleep.  (I also would like to add that Dawn only sleeps with the TV on, and it is on Investigation Discovery....serial killers, murder mysteries, etc, etc, etc)  So FINALLY this morning I half-wake-up in this lucid dream and can recall my dreams for the entire week.  To shorten it up, I was the designated driver one night and took someone home who had been drinking a lot.  I don't remember if they murdered someone or what, but they only got video of me in the car at the front gate on security camera so I was being framed for whatever happened.  I was in the middle of all of the investigation and I was likely to be found guilty because my drunk passenger was in the back of the vehicle and never shown on the security camera.  Weird, I know.  I eventually woke up and realized why I haven't been sleeping well... I am just going to count sheep tonight falling asleep or listen to headphones to tune out the TV.

I wired up the switch and second headlight on the moped today.  They look really nice together and after a little test drive, I realized I need to play around a little more with the bulbs.  Since the high beam light goes through the switch, it takes more wire and more energy for the electric to flow to it, so it is currently a little weaker in strength...the opposite of what I was aiming for, but I am going to see what I can achieve by switching different watts of bulbs.  Should be easy from there.  I still need to order a voltage regulator so I don't blow bulbs at the high RPMs...maybe placing that on the circuit at specific places will help my cause.  Either way, it is wired and ready to ride...the only thing holding me back is this weather.

It is only 37 degrees outside right now, so riding is quite numbing.  Not that I haven't done it before, but I would rather wait 5 days when there is sunshine and temperatures are back into the 50's.  Light snow could form tonight with less than an inch expected.  While we have seen a lot more than that this winter, people always forget how slippery snow really is in the roadways when they haven't been on it for a few weeks. Temperatures will slowly climb through the weekend and sunshine will also slowly return... Let's bring on spring!  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

I also want to leave you with a video... Remember how tech savvy I told you Abraham Lincoln was, well he uploaded the story I did on him, I leave you with the video he has posted:

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  1. You need to purchase a set of those TV Ears, they are really nice. She can put them on and hear the TV just fine, but you won't hear it. They are also nice, when two people are viewing the same TV and one has to have it louder, the person that doesn't need it so loud can have it set for their hearing and the person wearing the TV ears, can adjust the sound on theirs. She sounds like my kind of person, I love Crime Scene shows, plus the true murders, unless they get a little too gory, then I switch stations till that part is over. I don't read as many of the true murder books as I use to.


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