Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Day

Whew.... been busy... It is only 10:30AM on St. Patrick's Day and I have already changed the oil in Dawn's car and my truck, and I also did some wrenching on my moped. It has been acting a little sluggish and I have been running a little rich with the warmer temperatures, so I down jetted. Yesterday I ran a lot of errands including the BMV, barber shop, auto parts store, and grabbing lunch with my good pal Josh Fox. This was all before 2 in the afternoon and then Dawn and I went to Lima to meet with the pastor for the wedding. He lives near Toledo so Lima was a halfway point. Before meeting him Dawn stopped by her old office of UNOH. On the way from UNOH to Beer Barrel Pizza to meet the pastor, we had to drive by our old apartment. I remember sitting on the steps out front on warm spring days like today with Buckeye. Buckeye loves the heat and he was as happy as could be sitting in the warm radiating sunlight. Even though he can't see the cars passing by just a few yards away, you would think he knew all that was going on and he was the one in charge of it all happening...such a great dog. Our meeting with the pastor went very well. I had not seen Pastor Dale in several years so it was good to see a long lost friend.

So now I am done changing the oil and running errands for my "weekend" so I am going to tidy up around the house. Run the dishwasher and do a couple loads of laundry to make sure I can ride my moped later when it warms up into the 60's. I don't know where I will be riding to, but sometimes that is half the fun of it all when you jump on the moped... you can ride wherever you want on next to no gas at all and have the time of your life. Well, I hope you have a fantastic day today and make sure you are safe with any festivities. I will be back up at 2Am to do the weather on the morning show....early night ahead of me. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. Not often, but I sometimes find a back road and head west knowing if I keep going west I will eventually run into state route 127. I guess you knew that interstates and other state highways run east and west if they are even numbers like I-70 and SR-40 and north and south if they are odd numbers I-75 SR48.

    Anyway I like to go on the roads south of north of old SR 40 and some country is beautiful in the fall. And now you can see into the woods and the streams. I don't get out much anymore but Patty will drive me to the Park in Lewisburg. I can walk along Twin Creek over there.

    Glad you are out and about and still working on the details of the wedding. That must be exciting. Take care of best wishes.


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