Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Day of Spring

When we moved from Sidney, Dawn and I brought along our lily flowers that we had there. When we moved in to our current house we planted them in an open spot in the flower bed which already had other flowers.... well that spot was open because it gets no rain because the roof hangs over by three feet... Silly us. Well the flowers struggled last year, so I transplanted them today to the front where they can get more sunshine and more fresh rain. I know I could water them, but they like real rain and not tap water. Sure enough as I was digging them up, I noticed that they were just popping up through the mulch...a sure sign of Spring arriving today.

I worked on editing the station tour video and left it upload while I was at work. Apparently it didn't fully upload so I will need to redo that tonight. This will be awesome for the kids and adults alike so they can see the station and what the studio actually looks like. I have to admit, when I do the talks, I often forget that the people I am talking to never actually get to see the magic that is LIVE TV.

During the early newscast I challenged the viewers. The equinox was at 7:21PM local time, so the earth was at the perfect access for gravity to balance out. In school the teachers would try to balance eggs on their end and would show the class this. I was always too shaky to get it to work properly, but figured I would have some fun. I challenged any viewer who could balance the egg and send in a picture, I would use the pictures for the evening news. Below is a picture of some of the entries we received. Despite the equilibrium, I guess it couldn't keep the dog Red standing up straight.Chance for a few isolated showers the next few days, and a better chance for showers and storms on Wednesday when a strong cold front will punch through the area. Until then our temps will remain warm with highs in the 60's. I honestly think the next couple days will be dry for the most part, just a shower here or there. Thursday we could see a few flurries early as the cold air mixes with the moisture, but still not sold an any accumulations... I will keep you posted. Temperatures will rebound next weekend with another shot of rain. Stay dry and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael


  1. We had some thunder this afternoon, sure sounded funny. Then after the thunder, we had a small down pour, but it didn't last long. Yes, I think Spring is here. Have also seen a lot of those trees dropping those buds onto the street when I drove over to pick up the granddaughter from school.

  2. Yea, spring is here, but hopefully the cold snap at the end of the week takes care of some of the pollen. I have been better the last few days, but when that wave hit me, man... not fun.

  3. I keep telling you, you need to see an allergist. Taking the shots I took did help build up my immunity to the stuff I was allergic to. In fact the women I worked with would say, it must be time for your shots, and sure enough if I checked my calendar it was. Apparently my symptoms got worse right before shot time.


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