Friday, March 25, 2011

Moped twins & Coming snow

Well, a new moped was added to the family....a twin as a matter of fact. Well kinda. The one (right side of the picture) I picked up yesterday is three years older and was fairly cheap and rightfully so. It has definitely been sitting out in the sun for a few summers because of the faded paint on it. It also is missing some stuff like grips and stuff and the rear rack is busted. Just minor stuff, but will need to be addressed regardless. It also has straw and weeds stuck in the fins on the cylinder, which leads me to believe that the previous owner drove it around on the farm through the fields and such. The engine does turn over, but is constantly engaged. I am betting they didn't check the transmission fluid in it very often, if ever. It also locks up going backwards, which means the sprocket freewheel is broken. (The sprocket on a bicycle that you can pedal forwards, but just makes that chink, chink, chink sound when you pedal backwards.) It also is going to need new tires and tubes... other than that, just taken apart cleaned and hopefully I won't have to break into the engine case to rebuild....but if I do, I already have a great stock cylinder, piston, and crankshaft from my last rebuild. The first task at hand is to clean all of the rust and junk out of the gas tank.... It is looking pretty nasty in there.

I couldn't have gotten the bike at a worse time. I already got to ride in Spring-like weather and have the itch to ride more...but snow is on the way. The snow looks to arrive Saturday evening and move out of here around daybreak on Sunday. This system is moving by to our south, so the Southern Miami Valley will see the most snow. Right now, I think the Southern Counties may see 1-3" with some locations seeing closer to 4", The central Miami Valley in the I-70 corridor may see up to 2", and then north of I-70 may only see around an inch or so. The further south you live the more snow you will have. It will need to be watched closely over the next day and I will be back with any updates on the snowfall. The cold temperatures will stick around for a while and we may not see the 50's for another week or so... Bundle up and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael


  1. Phew, glad to see this post. Last evening Abe said, Andrew said they're expecting twins. I said you been off your oxygen too long? He said it was on Facebook. I looked couldn't see anything, and he said I know I saw it, I asked did you read the article, or just the part about twins, and he said he just read the part about twins. So the girls and I have been giving him a hard time of it. I'll have to tell him, to read the whole article, now that it's on your blog. Good luck, perhaps you can convince your girlfriend to ride one now and then, with a helmet of course.

  2. P.S. Guess I'll leave my snowblower in the garage a while longer before taking to the shade in the backyard to store over summer.

  3. Hahaha, I thought his tweet was a little off. I posted this to twitter: "Looks like we are having twins...." Apparently he didn't click the link to see the picture. Haha.


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