Friday, March 11, 2011

From Snow to Sun

Last night turned out to be pretty nasty.  The snow started to fly around 6PM and kept going well into the overnight hours.  The forecast for up to an inch held and no problems on the roads....just the bridges.  Sure enough a handful of accidents occurred this morning.  People drove along on the pavement perfectly and then hit the ice on the bridges and lost control.  The good news is that this MAY have been our last decent snowfall for a while... the long term models are showing a warming trend.  As for today, the temps got into the mid 40's and the snow quickly melted to show the green grass under all of the light snow from the overnight.  The next few days look to only get warmer and no great chance for rain until the middle of next week....and by then the temps will be reaching or into the 60's!  Moped?  I think so.

Such sad news coming out of Japan today.  The 8.9 earthquake taking so many lives and causing the destructive tsunami.  The video of the tidal wave was unbelievable... I don't even think Hollywood would be able to do it as well, sadly.  The black wave of debris just knocking down buildings as if they were made with the cheap knock-off Legos and tossing cars over dams and bridges like they were Hot Wheels.  My heart goes out to those dealing with today's event that many of us will remember for the rest of our lives.  By the time the tidal wave hit  here in the United States it was much weaker and we had more time to prepare for those living along the coast.

Enjoy the nice weather this weekend and have a good one.

Andrew Buck Michael

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