Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring cleaning

I would like to first say that my belongings make up about 15% of the weather center...Mike has about 20% and Jeff has the other 65% with a drawer and several paper boxes of...stuff. Not there is anything wrong with how much each of us have here, but I slowly went through and picked everything up and organized the weather center. It took a while and it finally looks decent. We all laid down papers and weather print-outs from time to time and I finally at least put then in the same order and tidied up a bit. It is amazing some of the material we have here when you go through a lot of it.... I guess I am making it out to sound like it was a pig sty.... it wasn't that dirty or that much, but it didn't hurt to organize things and get a little more work space.

I was able to go to a few basketball games the last few days with Dawn's nephews. I was there for one of their first baskets of the season and it was quite a hoot to see his mom go crazy with excitement. I guess the team has even tried trick plays go get him to score a basket, but it wasn't until the tournament that he finally scored. It is amazing how much more in depth the 9 year old boys would play the game...offensive plays, defensive strategy, etc. The 6 year old boys would just guard someone and had fun and occasionally set up and run a play...if they did, it was probably not known to them.

Watching moisture build to the south and it looks like rain may develop later Monday with cool temps. Light rain will stick around through the middle of the week, but not a lot of rain is expected to fall... just a light on and off rain...occasionally moderate, but nothing super heavy like we have seen the last few weeks. By the end of the week temps near or into the 60's with another slight chance for rain by Friday. Grab the rain gear and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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