Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Update on the POTENTIAL snow storm next week

Just got back to the hotel.  White water rafting has left me sore in parts of my body that I forgot could get sore.  I looked at the latest model information.  Above you can see that the American models are still showing rain later in the day Monday and it is also showing a warm surge of air Monday.  
Below you can see the latest Euro model and it has cut the snow back down in half.  It is only showing about six inches for the middle part of Ohio and then even less for the south and north parts.   This is obviously an evolving situation, but right now it is REALLY hard to show favoritism.   The GFS AND CMC are showing temperatures significantly warmer.  BUT the Euro has done a better job with the temperatures this winter than the GFS.  The Euro has the snow starting early Monday morning and then out of here Monday evening. GFS and CMC has the system later in the day Monday.  Still a lot of variables, so stay tuned.

More to come, but now we have to grab a bite to eat and edit our video from earlier.  Check back in and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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