Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday to ya!

My final day this week for filling in for Lisa Colbert.  Lots of silliness behind and on camera.  Carolyn Bruck took this photo while I was doing the 7AM full forecast.  I look very serious. Had a lot of fun last night trying to find somewhere to watch the Ohio State game.  We went to ten different restaurants until we finally found one where we didn't have to wait... since no one was likely getting up until after the game.  What a game!  Go Bucks!
Going to be a fantastic day today.  I plan on getting the moped out for a ride around town.  High pressure building in for the Ohio Valley for the start of the weekend.  Plenty of sunshine for Friday and Saturday as our temperatures finally return closer to normal with highs near 60 each day.  Clouds arrive late Saturday ahead of rain for Easter Sunday morning.  Rain should move in early, but also leave by the afternoon.  Best to plan any Sunday morning activities indoors.  A second cold front will push through Monday with a few wet snowflakes mixing in at times, but not expecting the need for snow shovels.  I will keep an eye on that and update you over the weekend.  For now... Get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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