Saturday, March 9, 2013

Beautiful today... will it stay?

Started off the morning at the BMV getting my mopeds registered so I am legal.  I spent last night at the garage finishing up my projects and I am 100% on both bikes now.  Super stoked for spring.  Anyway, I am legal and ready to ride!  I also had a relaxing morning having waffles and firing up the crock pot with some pulled pork.  The maple syrup was amazing.  I got it from my LIVE shots at the Maple Syrup Festival on Friday.
Today was the perfect day for the crock pot.  Beautiful, sunny, and warm.  Stay out of the kitchen and enjoy it!  But... it is Ohio...

Rain returns tomorrow, but looks to be widely scattered and MOST of us should stay dry the majority of the day.  We will be rather warm, low 60's for the highs.  Monday looks wetter with rain for the majority of the day.  We then cool off a bit for next week and there could be a few flurries Tuesday, Wednesday and then a wintry mix on Friday.  Monday is the only decent chance for any precip next week because the other systems look significantly lighter.  So keep the coat handy because we are not officially to spring, just yet.  Move those clocks ahead an hour and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. oh, yes, it was a gorgeous day down here on the South Coast of Ohio, too. :)


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