Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sunday's Snow

I have Road Trippin in Lancaster tomorrow... I will make sure to grab some photos while I am there.

There has been a lot of buzz and questions about a snow storm for Sunday.  Here are the my latest thoughts on the forecast... Few flurries overnight and early tomorrow as clouds stick around.  Single digit windchills Thursday AM.  The clouds begin to break later Thursday and we slowly see temps becoming milder for week's end and weekend.

Then the models are still in a bit of difference of agreement for Sunday:

    -Earliest precip, early Sunday morning
    -Warmest and furthest north with the 540 line.  Starts as snow Sunday AM then over to rain midday then back to snow in the evening.
    -Middle ground for timing and precip
    -Has wintry mix starting midday Sunday changing to snow by the evening.
    -Coldest and latest for timing and precip.
    -Has wintry mix to the south and snow for the rest of Ohio starting late afternoon Sunday.

All models agreeing with light snow showers for Monday and a few flurries Tuesday.  Right now we could see a couple of inches(mainly west and north), but timing will affect exactly how much.  At the top you can compare the Euro model on the left to the GFS on the right.  I still think that both are overdoing the snow because we will see some melting, so take it with a grain of salt... just like any model.  It is just raw data... BUT at least they both are agreeing on a snowy Sunday PM and Monday.  More in the days to come.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael


  1. Ah ha! We will escape Ohio snow possibilities tomorrow. We'll drive back to Port Canaveral with the first stop in Columbia, SC, tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to much warmer temps. ;) I'll still be checking in on your blog, but won't be commenting except on Sundays when we are in US ports.


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