Saturday, March 16, 2013

Snow for Sunday

Not everyone in Ohio will be seeing the snow Sunday.  I think the above image of the NAM model best handles the snow.  I think the far, far Southern portions of Ohio could see a couple inches of snow, but central and Northern Ohio will see nothing.  The snow will start a little before noon and then as the warm air pushes in in the later part of the day we will see the switch from snow to rain and then the rain will overspread all of Ohio for Monday.  Monday we could also see a few thunderstorms in the mild, March conditions.

We stay cool the rest of the week and a few flurries possible Tuesday and Wednesday.  The jet stream then takes a sharp south dive which will keep us dry through the end of the week and allow us to see a slow warming trend.  Getting ready for the news... just wanted to drop a quick line about the snow on the way.  Not feeling well tonight.  I think I caught something.  Going home and getting as much sleep as possible tonight before my parents come to visit tomorrow.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael


  1. We're home and will have cabbage rolls tonight so snow is not too big a deal if we do get some. Tomorrow some sun would be nice. ;)

    Happy St. Pat's Day. :)


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