Thursday, March 28, 2013

No #OHRoadTrippin, "tulips" instead

Since Lisa Colbert is off this week, I am in the studio with the "tulips," as Dana Turtle called them.  Ashely Yore is in Akron for #OHRoadTrippin with the Goodyear blimp and showing the new airship that they are building.  I wore my scarlet and grey and I THOUGHT we all were, but Carolyn and Terri wore the same bright pink without planning it.  Lot of fun behind the scenes this morning with the "tulips."

Here comes the sun!  Plenty of sunshine to start your Thursday with a few afternoon clouds and temperatures approaching 50 for the high. Our temperatures continue to climb heading into the weekend with more sunshine. By Saturday we will be pushing 60 for the high! 

Easter Sunday rain showers will roll back in, especially for midday for Central Ohio.  Monday, mainly Monday night could get a little interesting.  There will be a quick clipper system swinging down from Canada, but it looks like it may push some snow into Kentucky, but it bares watching.  We could see a little snow with it, but not completely sold on it just yet.  Anyway, enjoy the warmer temps and sunshine on the way and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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