Friday, March 8, 2013

Cabela's Grand Opening

As soon as I was finished doing the ABC portion of Good Day Columbus yesterday I was sent up to Cabela's for their Grand Opening.  It was more fun than I was expecting.  Adam and I also got a little grief from the Cabela workers because our new station coats are made by one of their competitors.  For some fun during one of the LIVE shots I had them let me borrow a Cabela's bright burnt orange hoodie.
Governor Kasich was also there for a few comments before the doors opened.  One other unique thing I learned was that all of the Cabela's stores are opened with an interesting ribbon cutting.  They hook two sides of the ribbon to a clay pigeon.  They had someone shoot the target with an arrow to signify the opening... I grabbed the shot on Vine:

Pretty awesome time and I plan on going back once things slow down a bit, but considering it is the only Cabela's in Ohio... I bet it will stay busy for a while... even though the check-out lines were SUPER fast.

Quick check of the weather... Mostly sunny for all of Ohio today with highs getting into the lower 40's.  Saturday we will warm back up into the lower 50's with the help of more sun.  Sunday, 60 for the high, but more clouds will push in with rain in the late afternoon and early evening pushing in from the west.  Rain for Monday as well then we stay mild and dry through most of next week.  There is a chance for a little wintry mix heading into Tuesday, but looks rather light and I will keep an eye on it.  Enjoy the weekend(jealous of everyone that doesn't have to work) and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

P.S.  Here is a little FRIIIIIIIIIIIIIDAY fun!

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