Tuesday, December 18, 2012

UPDATE! Snow Forecast: Foreign Wins!

At least the way it looks right now, the Foreign models had a better handle on this Friday's snow than the American models... BUT the American models are finally joining the bandwagon.  The American models(above, click to make larger, units in inches) continue to "up" their expected snowfall totals for the coming days... BUT!!! We CANNOT mention the winds enough.  The winds will cause most of the falling snow to blow and even drift so do not expect a winter wonderland Friday.  It will be a windy wasteland.  The wind gusts will be reaching at least 40 mph if not 50+ mph.  By definition by the NWS, a Blizzard Warning means sustained wind gusts of 35+ mph for at least three hours with blowing snow and reducing visibilities to less than 0.25 miles.  There may be a chance for this Friday morning, especially across the north.  The winds and snow are going to mean one of the nastiest mornings Ohio has seen in AT LEAST two years.  We skipped winter last year.

One more final thing to mention before I get to the numbers is the fact that the ground is still fairly warm so the first bit of snow will melt, but the strong winds will help to pull the warmth out of the surface, fast.  So based off the latest information... here are my thoughts on snowfall totals.  Up to 1" south of I-70.  Along and near I-70 1-2"+.  North of I-70 2-3"+ and the 3"+ are for isolated locations.  BUT remember, this all will be blowing and very hard to measure.  Friday will be a mess on the roads.

Recap of the next few days: We stay dry Wednesday, then the rain arrives Thursday and we start to switch over to snow later afternoon on Thursday and the winds pick up late Thursday and the winds and snow continues into Friday.  THEN we stay rather cold with highs in the mid 30's until the Christmas day.  Stay tuned for any more changes to the forecast and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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