Sunday, December 9, 2012

Flashback Photos

I was transferring a few files and programs yesterday and I was digging around on my external hard drive.  I ran across a few videos from me back in college.  I found a forecast and also a picture of when I used to play in the band Stateside.  It is amazing how the quality of video has came along since then.  Graphics too.  Anyway thought I would share a couple of the screen captures.
Fairly quiet for much of Sunday for the rain so far... but moderate rain returning for Sunday night.  Scattered rain for Monday and as temperatures fall throughout the day a flurry or two is possible in the evening as it becomes chilly.  The clouds begin to break up for Tuesday and more sunshine for the middle of the week as the cold air returns.  We begin to warm slowly the end of the week, but another weak, less rainy, cold front approaches for the start of the weekend.

Andrew Buck Michael

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