Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Back on the morning show

Waking up at 1:15AM is not normal... I am back on the morning show today and a little crazy as I used to be.  At least I am working with a long-time friend, Pete Scalia, this morning.  Other than Ann Darling doing the traffic, it will be a bit of a man show this morning.
The last few days have been FANTASTIC!  I love a December day when you can put the windows down while driving around.
Hard to say goodbye to the warm temps, but there is no stopping the weather.   This was the sunset from Dayton on Monday.  Dawn and I went back to celebrate her birthday with her company/cousins.
Yesterday I did a lot of cleaning and laundry and also babysat Anderson, Dawn's cousin's son... I think that makes him her great nephew???  He was pretty good, but when he got fussy, Buckeye came running to investigate.  Buckeye can't see very well, but he sure was interested.  Anderson would stop crying and watch Buckeye and those two hit it off.  They were the best of friends through the rest of the day.
It was hard to fall asleep last night, but at least I had Pandora to help me get through the morning.  I am doing the monster 5.5 hour morning show and hour noon show today... but doing the later part of the morning show tomorrow.  It may be a longer shift... but compared to Dayton there are a handful less weather hits an hour, so more time to blog... wink, wink.

Enjoy the dry weather the next couple of days because we have a bit of a wet finish to the Weekly Planner.  Plenty of sunshine for Wednesday and partly cloudy Thursday with highs in the mid 40's after chilly mornings.  Rain returns on Friday and on and off rain is expected through the weekend into early next week.  Despite the rain our highs will be in the mid 50's through the weekend so at least the temperatures will be slightly more mild.  Colder air returns by the middle of next week.  Enjoy the sunshine today and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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