Friday, December 7, 2012

Let the rain begin!

I ran a couple of errands yesterday with the nice weather coming to an end... the rain started early this morning.  I took the grill back to the garage and while I was there I managed to do a little moped riding.  Maxi was just as peppy as ever, MAN, I love it's low-mid range, but still need to fix the front fender.  It is rubbing the front wheel a little since the BlackPipes ride in Cleveland.  The Magnum, Black Night, was just as boggy as ever, but my new parts should arrive to fix that.  I am putting in new cylinder studs with red Loctite on the case side.  I also am going to take off the MLM pipe and run the new 1977 Mopeds WSL pipe.  The MLM pipe is decent, but it is the first pipe Devin ever made and the cones are not very circular.  Dylan Chubbs checked out the pipe at the Lafayetis rally and he remembered helping make the pipe and noticed how oval-ish the chamber was.  I thought about hanging it up on the wall as artwork.  Anyway, excited to get low end back.  I did take my Bing air filter and cut out the rubber fitting so it would fit my PHBG, allowing me to ditch the Molassi filter.  The bike ran better and felt like it could breathe better.  I also need to remember to put on new k10 forks on the Maxi.  They are slightly tweaked from my loose gravel incident... Good thing they are cheap!  So I have my winter projects lined up... for snowy days... or rainy days like today.

Mild and rainy for a few days to come.  Foggy as well during lulls in the rain.  Temperatures will be mild, so there is an up side to the rain... our highs will stay in the low-mid 50`s and low in the mid 40`s so temps running about ten degrees warmer than our normal early December temperatures.  Rain will pick up in intensity later Friday and overnight into early Saturday.  We will remain damp, but rain will lighten up a little for later Saturday.  Moderate rain returns Sunday into Monday and then the cold front finally pushes though cooling us off considerably by the middle of next week.  So you will need the umbrella and fog lights the next four days... then the coat and ice scraper by the middle of next week.  Good ol` Ohio weather for ya!  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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